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Fun and Easy Tie Dye T-Shirt Tutorial

Summer is in full swing and we had a great time yesterday getting creative and making a couple of tie dye t-shirts. I had flashbacks to my childhood in the 80s when we would tie dye shirts and then use a plastic hair clip to scrunch them around our shorts. 🙂

I hope you will try this fun and easy project with your kids. The best part is cutting the rubberbands and opening the shirts unveiling their amazing creations.

You will need:

First fold the t-shirt up from the bottom accordian-style.

Next place rubberbands around the length of the folded t-shirt every 3 inches or so. It helps to have one person hold it and the other pull the rubberbands on.

This is what the kids’ t-shirts looked like at this point when they were folded and banded.

Next fill the bottle containing the dye with water, screw the top on tightly, and shake vigorously. We passed it around and all took a turn shaking the bottle.

Next put your drop cloth down and squirt the dye all around the t-shirt rotating until it is covered as much as you like. You can do as much or as little dye on the shirt as you desire.

Next, put the shirts in a Ziplock bag, close the top, and let sit for 6-8 hours.

Then use your sissors to cut the rubberbands and open your t-shirt to see your beautiful design.

After this, I rinsed the shirts in the sink with cold water until the water was running clear. I then laundered them separately twice with hot water.

They dried on a rack overnight and the kids were excited to wear them the next day.

The Finished Shirts

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Have you done any fun and easy projects this summer with your kids? If so, please tell me about them below in the comments area. Thanks for stopping by!


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