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Living History Day – A Glimpse into 1775

Today we enjoyed a wonderful homeschool field trip to the Vision Heir’s Living History Days to experience what life was like 250 years ago for the early colonists. There were wonderful activities and many ways for the kids to really see what daily life was like.
There was a real working blacksmith display. The kids got to use the large billows to fuel the fire.
There was a cider demonstration with samples of freshly made cider and a real cider press.
A military band marched through providing authentic drum and flute music.
Bud got to try his hand at sawing a log and then we listened to a gentleman tell us about different tools that were used at the time in carpentry.
We listened to Patrick Henry give a spirited speech about the Olive Branch Petition that was sent to Britain in 1775.
Bud got to see first hand how water was brought from rivers to the home for a wash basin. It really made us appreciate our laundry machine!
There were some wonderful demonstrators who taught the kids what it was like as the colonists prepared for war. Even our little squirt enjoyed holding a pretend gun and saying “POW!”
We watched a Military Drill reenactment. Bud said that watching the cannon fire was his favorite part of the event.
To finish the day, the older two kids dipped candles in hot wax to see how our ancestors made candles. It will be fun to light them at home and see how they burn.
My kids had a wonderful time at this event. We appreciated the hard work of the Vision Heirs organization. We are studying American History in our homeschool so it was so great to experience it all first hand.

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