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Family Friendly Hike – Reiling Dredge

Picture 1042
We recently went for a great family-friendly hike just outside Breckenridge, Colorado. We parked at the Reiling Dredge Trailhead and crossed the road to start the easy Reiling Dredge Trail.
Reiling Dredge Trailhead Reiling Dredge Trail
Picture 1036
We walked through a beautiful pine forest and then crossed an impressive footbridge over a bustling crystal clear stream.
Reiling Dredge Trail
Reiling Dredge Trail
This area was heavily mined in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Piles of rock were processed through a dredge and left in this valley in the search for gold. We are learning about the Gold Rush this Fall in our homeschool so it was wonderful to get a real close-up view of what an operation like this would look like.
Reiling Dredge Trail Reiling Dredge Trail Picture 1053 Picture 1055

We saw the dilapidated dredge in a murky pond rotting and slowing deteriorating. We tried to imagine what it would have looked like during the height of operation. We read the signs around the historic site and found out that they found gold worth an estimated $75 million in this valley!

Picture 1054

There was a family of ducks swimming in the pond surrounding the dredge.

Picture 1051 Picture 1052

We found a tree house someone had built and the kids had fun hiding out inside.

Picture 1049

We took a left onto the B & B Trail as it gently sloped up the valley. About a half mile up the trail, the trees parted and we turned around. We ate a snack here and enjoyed the views down the valley to the Breckenridge ski areas.

Picture 1050 Picture 1038 Picture 1043 Picture 1039 Picture 1040

Along the trail, the miners had left behind materials from the site and we saw many cabins that were just about rotted into the ground.

Picture 1044 Picture 1045 Picture 1041 Picture 1046 Picture 1047 Picture 1048It was a fun hike through a tall pine and aspen forest. We learned a bit more about Colorado history and enjoyed seeing it first hand. We will definitely revisit this one in the fall when the aspen forest turns bright gold. I guess there are two kinds of gold in these hills! 🙂


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