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Little House on the Prairie Cornbread – Homeschool Activity

Picture 832Earlier this week, we enjoyed cooking up a meal just like they would have done it in the old days.

We have a great book called The Little House Cookbook that we opened up to find a cornbread recipe. Our history book last week was George Washington’s Breakfast by Jean Fritz and the whole story was centered around a little boy trying to find out was Washington would typically have for breakfast. We learned at the end that he would eat “Hoe Cakes” for breakfast which were very similar to the “Cornbread” recipe in our Little House Cookbook. We decided it would be fun to try to taste some of these corn cakes for ourselves.

First we went to the store and bought the ingredients. We bought stoneground cornmeal, molasses, and bratwursts.

Picture 837

Then Bud changed into his period attire and measured and mixed the batter. I fried the corn cakes on the stove and we all enjoyed them with molasses and butter.

Picture 839Picture 840

Picture 842

Picture 844Picture 843

They would often cook on a woodstove or an open fire back in olden times, but I didn’t want to do that with our corncakes. I still wanted them to experience the campfire feel, so I had bud collect firewood from around the yard and we lit a fire in our chiminea.

Picture 838

We cooked bratwursts on the fire and had sausages, apples, and corn cakes for lunch. Peanut said it felt like we were “camping”. There were lots of smiles as we sat around and watched the fire roast our brats.

Picture 845We enjoyed talking about what children their age would have probably been doing on a typical morning. It was a fun way for us all to experience an authentic recipe from years gone by.
Picture 841


4 thoughts on “Little House on the Prairie Cornbread – Homeschool Activity

  1. We have been making our way through the Little House on the Prairie series. We have read Little House in the Big Woods. The sequel came in yesterday. This sounds like an awesome activity!

    • Enjoy the books! My kids love the characters and my daughter in particular relates to Laura’s character. We are currently reading On the Shores of Silver Lake, but Little House on the Prairie was definitely our favorite. Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

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