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Nature Study: Bobcats

ns_bobcats_lgJanuary through March is breeding season for the big cats in Colorado. The males descend from high mountain peaks to search for a mate in the foothills. As we sat down to eat our oatmeal last week, we saw a male pursuing a female 200 feet away right in our backyard.

Picture 809

I apologize for the blurriness of the photos in this post. I took them from my deck from a safe distance above these beautiful cats.

Picture 812 Picture 811 Picture 810

The kids and I watched as the male approached the female. He was making loud growling noises at her. He was probably almost 4 feet in length and she was about 3 feet long.  Picture 808 Picture 807 Picture 806After they ran off into the woods behind our property we waited about an hour and then went down to see if we could find paw prints or scat that they left behind. We found their prints in the fresh snow. They were much smaller than I would have thought – only about 3 inches long.
Picture 814 Picture 813 Picture 816

While we were waiting for the bobcats to clear out of our area, we watched a Discovery Channel video on YouTube about a bobcat pursuing a pocket gopher. The kids loved it!

Bud gave a narration of the exciting morning that I recorded in our family’s nature notebook. This is what he said:

“As we sat down to breakfast this morning, we looked out the window and saw two bobcats in our backyard. They had stripes on their fur and their eyes were green mixed with dark blue. One of them was almost 4 feet in length and the other one was about 3 feet. One was growling at the other like they were about to have a fight. We saw a video of a bobcat trying to catch a pocket gopher. It took him a little while, but finally he did catch the pocket gopher. He played with his food then which made me laugh.”

Picture 815We were so excited to catch a glimpse of these amazing animals right from our breakfast table. We love living in this beautiful (and a little dangerous at times!) corner of God’s creation.


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