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Nature Study: Squirrels

ns_squirrelsThis month we have been reading and learning all about squirrels. We just finished reading Here Come the Squirrels and Chipmunk on Hollow Tree Lane as our natural history books. We compared squirrels and chipmunks and listed some ways they can be harmful and helpful to humans.

IMG_0176 IMG_0175 Then we set out on our bikes, scooters, and stroller on a walk around a park in Denver to observe squirrels in their natural habitat. Picture 779

We saw this “Momma Squirrel” gathering food for the babies in her nest way up high in a tree.Picture 778 Picture 777 Picture 776 Picture 775 Picture 774

We looked for squirrels nests all along the bike path on Clear Creek and they were clearly visible in the barren February landscape.Picture 773 Picture 772 Picture 771  Picture 141We even saw a hawk perched high in a tree looking down over a field searching for her next meal.

Picture 142

Picture 780 Picture 140

Later that week we set some peanuts out on our deck and watched as the squirrels came to munch down on the nuts.Picture 139 Picture 138 Picture 137 Picture 40It has been fun learning about and observing these friendly neighborhood creatures. We look forward to seeing chipmunks in about a month as they emerge from their hibernation.



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