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November & December 2015: Months-At-A-Glance

This November and December we had a great time enjoying the snowy weather and continuing our homeschool days. We went to Breckenridge for a weekend and went sledding with some wonderful friends of ours. We also enjoyed playing at the Rec Center there.

Picture 751

Picture 750

Picture 749

Picture 748

Picture 747Homeschool: Bible and Character Study

This month we focused on thankfulness. We used the Bible stories mentioned in the KidsofIntegrity.com website to read about this virtue. We read stories about the Isrealites complaining in the wilderness and memorized verses about being thankful.

Homeschool: Math

Bud continued learning in RightStart Level B and this month we learned about time and clocks. He could read a digital clock and knew certain times of the day when we eat, go to bed, etc. but it really helped him to study and learn to read the numbers on a clock.

Picture 745Homeschool: Literature

We read many great books this month. We have several read aloud times throughout our day and I am reading more and more to Peanut and Squirt. We finished reading:

  • Understood Betsy, Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • A Cricket in Times Square, George Selden
  • My Father’s Dragon, Ruth Stiles Gannett
  • Elmer and the Dragon, Ruth Stiles Gannett
  • The Dragons of Blueland, Ruth Stiles Gannett
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall, Patricia MacLachlan

Bud especially loved My Father’s Dragon and continues to enjoy the fantasy genre of fiction on his own. He found a box set of the Narnia series in our basement and read through all of them. He couldn’t put them down!

Homeschool: Science

We read some great natural history books about spiders during November and December including Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White and The Tale of Daddy Longlegs by Arthur Scott Bailey.

We observed the elk in our backyard. Their fur was thickening and they seemed a little more desperate in their efforts to find food.

Picture 755

Picture 746We also spent lots of time just playing outside and enjoying the landscape around us. We have many fun moments for observation and learning during these times. We saw a millipede cross our sidewalk and talked about the differences between a millipede and a centipede.

Picture 136 Picture 135We also talked about gravity and demonstrated the concept by making a parachute out of one of Bud’s LEGO men.

Picture 754 Picture 753 Picture 752It was a great couple of months of learning in our home. The weather is drawing us inside the house more, but we are finding many fun ways to grow and learn together.

Picture 594 Picture 593


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