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Nature Study: Lily Pond


Our homeschool nature study last week took place at the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado. We have been studying the works of Claude Monet so we came to observe the types of ponds and gardens that inspired him. We all agreed that the ponds made us feel peaceful and serene. I got the same adjectives from the children when they looked at several of Monet’s paintings during our Picture Studies.

Picture 675  Picture 677

Picture 678

Picture 679

Picture 680

Picture 681

Picture 682

Picture 684My younger two children spent a long time watching a mallard duck swim his way slowly across the pond and under a bridge.

Picture 687

Picture 688

Picture 689We took a long while to rest and draw what we could see. I love seeing my children’s unique personalities come out in their work.

Picture 685Bud chose to draw a diagram of the pond that resembled a map when he finished.

Picture 686

Picture 673Peanut’s drawing had a big flower, a weeping willow, a blue pond and a purple sky.

Picture 674

Squirt’s drawing consisted of sweet little two year old scribbles. 🙂

Picture 683It was a delightful day. The gardens were a wonderful setting to let my children observe and absorb God’s amazing creation.

He leads me beside still waters. Psalm 23:2


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