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Nature Study: Dahlias

ns_dahliasToday we took a field trip in our little homeschool to the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, CO. We went to observe and draw the lily ponds as a part of our study of Claude Monet, but were surprised to find a wonderful surprise inside the garden walls. A whole garden was full of the bright colors of dahlias. These are my sister Jenny’s favorite flowers and it is easy to see why she loves them. Their bold and beautiful round flowers burst with color. A few of them were bigger than our heads! It was pure joy photographing these beautiful works of God’s creation.

Picture 144

Picture 579

Picture 580

Picture 581

Picture 582

Picture 583

Picture 584

Picture 585

Picture 586

Picture 587

Picture 588

Picture 587We also took some time to smell the roses in the rose garden and we talked about how each has a unique smell. They each pointed to their favorite variety and we laughed at the unusual names the roses were given.

Picture 139

Picture 140

This was my favorite variety!


Picture 141

We saw some beautiful monarch butterflies feeding on these bright pink flowers.

Picture 142We had a great day walking through the gardens. The colors, smells, sounds, and sights were enough to delight every sense. The Lord’s gifts to us abound and it was wonderful to experience a few of them today.


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