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August 2015: Month-At-A-Glance

Picture 557August marked the beginning of our homeschool year and Bud’s first grade year. There were so many fun moments of discovery and learning,  it took a few weeks for me to get this post up.

We took a fun family camping trip to the gorgeous mountain valley where my husband and I met this month. We spent an evening with some wonderful friends and went hiking. The kids slept much better than the trip we did earlier in the summer so we had a great time.

Homeschool: Family Studies

This year, I am combining our habit training with our Bible lessons. Many of the character virtues can be studied and understood by reading through scriptures. We focused on Self-Control this month and the website KidsofIntegrity.com was a wonderful resources and guidance for scriptures and stories to read. Our Bible readings and memory verses were:

  • Jesus fights temptation (Luke 4:1-13); Memory verses – Hebrews 4:15, Romans 8:26
  • Picking fights (Genesis 26:17-22); Memory verse – Proverbs 29:11
  • Staying faithful under scrutiny (Nehemiah 4); Memory verses – Proverbs 17:27, James 1:19

Our hymn study this month was “When Peace Like a River”. We sang it each morning all the way through and at night before bed we would sing the chorus 3 times. We talked about asking God to bring our hearts peace when we feel angry or frustrated. We also role played and talked through scenarios where they might be tempted to sin.

We started a wonderful new weekly event in our homeschool called Tuesday Tea Time. After our daily early afternoon rest, I had treats, tea, poetry books and a copy of a work of art out on the deck table waiting. They loved having a special baked snack and sipping tea. My grandmother left me a beautiful silver tea set when she passed away that I am using for each tea time. Each child selected a poem from the books and I would read it. We would all do a “gentle clap” after the poem and Squirt loved this part. We also added Picture Study into this tea time. Last month and this month we are looking at works by Claude Monet.

Picture 547

Picture 535

Picture 536

Picture 537

Picture 543

Homeschool: History / Geography

We are reading through the Early American Primary History guide by Beautiful Feet this year. We started at the beginning of the summer so we continued this into our new school year. We read The Cabin Faced West by Jean Fritz at night before bed to Bud and Peanut. It had a really neat surprise at the end! This month I also read and Bud narrated The Courage of Sarah Noble and The Matchlock Gun.

Homeschool: Literature / Handwriting

Bud and I really enjoyed our read aloud time together this month. I typically read a chapter a day while the younger two are napping. I love to see Bud’s face engaged and eager to hear more. He is such a delightful student to teach. This month we read:

  • A Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong
  • Alice and Wonderland by Lewis Carrol
  • Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry

For his copywork, Bud wrote a line from Go Forth to Life O Child of Earth by Samuel Longfellow each day. He also recited the poem each day during our Morning Basket time. What a great poem. I will have to remember to put this in a special letter when he graduates from high school some day. If you would like a PDF that I created of this copywork poem, you can download it to use here.

Picture 546Bud also read a page each day from the Pathway Reader book More Busy Times. I like to emphasize that he read loudly, slowly, and with a good attitude. He is slowly improving in this area.

Homeschool: Mathematics

We finished about 12 more lessons from RightStart Level B this month. When we reached lesson 57, I was a little shocked at what was recommended. They wanted the student to create a Cotter’s Tens Fractal 7 feet tall! It took us 10 days to finish this project, but Bud was very happy and proud when he was finished. I almost skipped over this lesson, bu in the end I am glad we did it. It taught Bud some valuable lessons about diligence and patience. He also got to practice his coloring, cutting, and pasting skills which we don’t do very often in our Charlotte Mason homeschool.

Picture 554

Picture 555

Picture 556

Homeschool: Physical Eduction

Bud continued his karate lessons and earned his Orange Belt this month. His physical strength has increased so much since he started karate at the beginning of the summer. He couldn’t do a push up or sit up at all in the beginning, but to earn his next belt he had to do a certain amount and he did it!

Peanut started dance lessons and gymnastics this month. Both have been wonderful for her balance and coordination. She doesn’t get any of that from me so it is fun to see the grace with movement that God has gifted her develop.

Picture 542

Homeschool: Music Appreciation

Each morning, before we begin our Morning Basket time, I let the kids play freely down in the basement for about 45 minutes. This month we listened to Mozart each morning. Peanut loves to dance to the music. Bud busily builds with Legos in his workshop. Squirt loves to read books with me.

Bud also started violin lessons this month. We practice together each afternoon for about 15 minutes. He is really enjoying his teacher and she says he has a great ear.

Homeschool: Field Trip

We took a wonderful field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The kids love seeing the Space Odyssey exhibit, watching an IMAX movie about NASA, and looking at real dinosaur bones. It was a great day!

Picture 550

Picture 551

Picture 552

Picture 553Homeschool: Science

This month we did a nature study each week. We studied spider webs, Canada Geese, ducks, and seeds. We also started Simply Charlotte Mason’s Outdoor Secrets. We read a book about Johnny Appleseed and the kids enjoyed making a marionette of Johnny.

Picture 544

Picture 545

Family Life

Here are some more pictures from the month. Lots of great playtime outside,  picnics, and family time.

Picture 526

Picture 527

Picture 528

Picture 529

We had a lot of fun going to our county fair. We looked at the farm animals and watched the rodeo horse performance girls.Picture 530

Picture 531

Picture 532

Picture 533

Picture 534    Fun in the front yard!Picture 538We had a fun visit from GB and Pal. We enjoyed a hike and a picnic at a beautiful mountain park nearby.

Picture 540

Picture 539

Picture 541Peanut loves to help me in the kitchen. We had a playdate with some friends and she made these wonderful fruit skewers.

Picture 548

Picture 549


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