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Nature Study: Canada Geese

ns_canada_geeseWe recently did a wonderful Nature Study about Canada Geese. It worked out wonderfully because the study came in two parts: first last April when we were observing Red-Winged Blackbirds and second this August in late summer. We got to see two stages of their life as a goose family.

In April, we observed a female goose sitting on her nest. She was pretty far away in this photo so it was hard to tell if she had already laid her eggs.
Picture 508
This gander wasn’t far away from her. He was standing watch nearby over his mate. His eyes and stature were bold and protective.
Picture 511

Picture 510

Then, this August, we went to the same lake and found the family again. This time, they were lazily munching on grass. The two large parents were just slightly bigger than their offspring, now almost fully grown.

We named them Bill and Elsie McHonk and their children – Hatch, Latch, Patch and Match.

Picture 507

Picture 506

Picture 505

Picture 504


Picture 503

This time the goose family wasn’t shy at all. They had probably enjoyed eating nibbles from humans all summer at the busy lakeside park.

Picture 502We hope we will get to observe them one more time this fall, but this time at our house as they form a “V” in the air and fly south for the winter.

Bud made a collage in his Nature Study notebook with photos we had taken and journaled about he would like to see them fly in a “V”.

Picture 513I have enjoyed the Smithsonian Backyard series of books and there is a great one about geese that we read called Canada Goose at Cattail Lane by Janet Halfmann.

It is so neat when you get to see animals change through the seasons. We have really enjoyed learning about these interesting birds!


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