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July 2015: Month-At-A-Glance

We had a blast this July! We did an awesome family vacation Crested Butte, Colorado and loved riding our bikes around town, hiking through the amazing wildflowers, and enjoying live music and parades. It is one of our favorite places to go! Here are some photos from our trip…

Picture 480We recently read Black Beauty by Anna Sewall which was a pretty dense book for our sweet 6 year old. As a reward, he got to ride a horse at the Crested Butte stables. He loved it and treated his horse with extra love as a result of reading that book.

Picture 481

Picture 482

Picture 483

Picture 484

Picture 485

Picture 486

We watched fireworks from our townhome deck and enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast on the Fourth of July.Picture 487

Crested Butte is known worldwide for its amazing mountain biking trails. My sweet husband enjoyed some wonderful rides through the scenic mountains covered in wildflowers. He also got caught in a rain storm!Picture 488

We always love seeing GB and Pal. We had a fun picnic with them and played at the town playground.Picture 489

Picture 490

Picture 492

Picture 493

Picture 494Bud lost his first tooth this month. We had a special celebratory dinner for him with balloons, ice cream and his favorite food…burgers and fries.

Picture 479My mother (Mimi to the kids) came to visit this month and she and Peanut had a “Spa Day” one morning. Peanut got her toes and nails painted and Mimi told stories about her visit to Paris. We all spoke some fun French words. Merci, Mimi!

Picture 478Peanut and Bud enjoyed a week of Vacation Bible School during July. They had fun singing, making crafts, playing basketball, and learning about God.

Picture 471

Picture 472

Picture 473Every summer we enjoying hosting several BBQs and inviting people from our church to come enjoy a great meal and some fellowship. This is the 2nd year we have done this and we love it!

Picture 474Our sweet Squirt is getting so big! He is walking and talking like a champ now and has grown to love books. Bud and Peanut love snuggling up and seeing how many pages he will sit through before he wiggles off for another book.

Picture 477We, of course, spent lots and lots of time outside this month. I was proud of the kids because we did a pretty challenging hike up to a glacier that was several miles. They didn’t complain once…. huge high fives at the end were in order!

Picture 475

Picture 476

We met up with my sister-in-law’s family to enjoy a day at Tiny Town in Morrison, Colorado. It had an authentic miniature steam train that you could ride and many small houses that were decorated inside. The kids loved running around exploring with their sweet cousins.

Picture 468

Picture 469

Picture 470Homeschool: Bible Study

This month we studied the first two chapters of Genesis. It is always helpful to return to the beginning and review God’s creation and the fall of man. We seem to pull something new from this story every time we read it.

Homeschool: History

Picture 499The Joseph story in Genesis enthralled my children so much that I decided to take a summer break from our Beautiful Feet American History and read Boy of the Pyramids by Ruth Fosdick Jones. One of the things I love about homeschooling my children is the flexibility I have to follow their interests and expand on topics such as these. What a great  book!

Picture 500Bud asked me how large the pyramids were and I wasn’t sure so we went to the library and found an Eyewitness Ancient Egypt book that gave us the answer. It mentioned many of the characters from the book so it validated the stories we had read.

In the evenings, we read The Skippack School by Marguerite de Angeli. This book allowed us to keep our feet in the water of Western Expansion in our American History studies.

Homeschool: Literature / Reading

Bud continued reading a page a day from the More Busy Times Pathway Reader for practice.

Picture 501We finished up The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum and began the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis with Magician’s Nephew. Bud’s imagination has soared to new heights with these two books. They are the first glimpse he has had into the fantasy genre and I think it might have sparked a new type of book love for him.

We also began The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong. The plot structure of this novel has been a delight! The author formatted the story in such a creative way.

Homeschool: Copywork / Poetry

We continued our memorization and copywork on the poem “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth. Each day Bud recited the poem and wrote a line of it as copywork. The PDF of that copywork is available here for download if you would like to use it.

By the end of July, Bud was very confident in his resuscitation of the poem. Here is a video of him saying it to us during on of our homeschool mornings.

Homeschool: Hymn / Composer Study

Our hymn this month was For the Beauty of the Earth. We sang all the verses and chorus in the mornings and the chorus three times in the evenings before bed. Many nights we would go around and give praise to the Lord for something in our life.

Our composer was Amadeus Mozart this month. Each morning I would play his music while the children enjoyed their free play time and we also listened to a Mozart CD in the car.

Homeschool: Math

Our math lessons continued in Right Start Level B this month. Bud learned about addition with 8’s and 9’s. He also learned a challenging version of Solitare that he played in his room in the afternoons to practice his addition skills.

Hope you are enjoying your summer too!


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