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May 2015: Month-At-A-Glance

Picture 412  Picture 410We had a very snowy and rainy May this year but spent many fun days inside learning and growing together. As the days lengthened and warmed we went outside to enjoy the wonderful surprises and life that spring brings.

Our family spent a wonderful weekend in the ski town of Breckenridge. We stayed close to town and enjoyed walking the charming streets and sampling the restaurant fare. There was a community cleanup day on Saturday while we were there. We had a fun morning walking around town and picking up trash that had been revealed after months of being buried under the snow.

Picture 413

Picture 414

Picture 418Literature / Copywork

This month, Bud memorized the Beatitudes from Matthew 5. He also wrote them out line by line as his copywork. We ended the month by him copying 2 Proverbs.

We also continued reading selections from the Book of Virtues about compassion. Bud narrated each reading. He continued practicing his reading outloud with the Pathway Readers. We are currently going through More Busy Times.

For his literature selection, we are reading Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. The language is a little dense so I motivated Bud by promising him a horse ride at the Crested Butte Stables when we travel to this breathtaking part of the state later this summer.

Hymn / Composer Study

We listened to about an hour of Mozart a day to immerse ourselves in this beautiful music. Peanut’s dance recital was in May so she would often practice her beautiful movements while listening.

Our hymn was Jesus Paid it All by Elvina M. Hall. We sang it as part of our Morning Basket time and later in the evening right before bed we would sing the chorus several times together. I love the simplicity and straight-forwardness of this song and wholeheartedly believe in its words:

Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.


We finished Pilgrim Stories by Margaret Pumphrey and also read Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims by Clyde Robert Bulla. Both living books gave a wonderful in depth look into the lives of these brave people. I enjoyed reading these books just as much as the children. We read about one chapter a day after which Bud gave a narration.

Science / Nature Study

Our natural history book this month was The Tale of Bobby Bobolink by Arthur Scott Bailey. We loved learning about this unique bird and his beautiful, energetic singing.

Picture 416

Picture 417We did several nice nature studies this month. We went on a walk and found many small flowers and photographed them. We also did the Community Cleanup Day as mentioned above. At the end of the month, we visited a butterfly pavillion for Peanut’s birthday. The flowers and butterflies were so beautiful.

Picture 405

Picture 403

Picture 407We also enjoyed a nature program at our local nature center about the Ponderosa Pine Tree and animals that claim it as their habitat.


We continued our daily scripture and scripture memory verses. This month, we learned about Joseph and his brothers and God’s people’s migration into Egypt. It was wonderful to hear the children’s narrations each morning.

I am beginning to help Bud ease into some personal Bible study time in the morning before we begin the day. I started him off in Proverbs 10 and asked him to go on a “Treasure Hunt” to find a nugget of wisdom. He marks them with a sticky note and then we talk about the verse he marked later. He has really taken to this method and I am pleased to see him reading the Bible on his own.


Bud continued with his Right Start Level B lessons. This month we learned about adding up to 15 and played many games with our “Corner Cards” to practice his addition facts.

Peanut is getting more interested in numbers. We bought a Bingo set to help her start to identify numbers. I have been practicing counting with her throughout our daily life.

Picture 411Family Life

Peanut celebrated her 4th birthday this month and did a beautiful routine in her annual dance recital. She practiced very hard and we were all very proud of her.

Picture 419Squirt took his first steps! We were playing at a toy shop in Breckenridge and he walked from one play structure to another. It was wonderful to see him take this step in his development (no pun intended :)).

Picture 415


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