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Nature Study: Butterflies

Picture 393The Colorado spring came pretty late this year, but as the weather began to improve in May we went to visit a Butterfly Pavilion. The above shot is one of my all time favorites, because you can see in Bud’s face that he is in complete awe of God’s creation.

Picture 394We saw so many beautiful varieties of tropical flowers and butterflies all around us.

Picture 395

Picture 396

Picture 397It was also Peanut’s fourth birthday so she was all smiles all day. What a wonderful way to celebrate.

Picture 398

Picture 399

Picture 400

Picture 401

Picture 402Squirt loved seeing the bright colored flowers and funny winged creatures all around him.

Picture 403

Picture 404

Picture 405

Picture 406The kids even got to hold a tarantula!

Picture 408

Picture 407The next day, we journaled about our amazing day at the Butterfly Pavilion and the kids drew a picture of their favorite butterfly. Bud did a wonderful drawing of an Owl Butterfly.


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