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Mothers’ Day Spa Party

Picture 381 This Mothers’ Day I wanted to do something special for my wonderful mom friends. I decided to throw them a Ladies Spa Party. The husbands and kids (all 13 of them!) headed over to one of the mom’s house so we could have a quiet peaceful afternoon at my house to talk with no interruptions.

As the ladies walked in they were greeted and I told them to fix themselves a drink and relax with a footbath containing Himalayan bath salts. I placed white towels on the couches and chairs to add to the spa experience. I put out candles and flowers next to the warm fireplace to help create a relaxing atmosphere.

Picture 374

Picture 9

Picture 375

There were some light refreshments set out. I kept it simple with a bowl of pretzels and some fresh fruit. The cold beverage was cucumber ice water. I sliced one half cucumber and placed it in a bottle overnight. By the next day the water had a wonderful spa-like flavor. I also set out hot water and tea bags. It was a cold, snowy early spring day so most of the ladies chose the warm mug of hot tea.

Picture 377

Picture 376I created baskets for each friend to take home and placed one on each chair. Many of the items were from the Dollar Tree so it wasn’t expensive to put together. Slippers, face cloth and cotton wipes, lotion, and lip balm completed the gift. I also pasted some encouraging verses on index cards. We all wrote prayer requests on the back of the cards and shared them together. At the end, we exchanged the cards and promised to pray for one another. Here is a free printable of these encouraging verses if you would like to create something like this for your friends.

Picture 8

Picture 7As a fun surprise for my sweet friends, I hired a massage therapist to come to my house during the party and give neck and shoulder massages. I had two shoji screens in the basement which I set up to provide a little privacy for the ladies as they received their massage. The massage therapist brought everything she needed including relaxing music, which added even more  to the wonderful atmosphere.

Picture 379I also made some bath salts party favors for the guests to take. Vitamin Cottage had bags of Himalayan bath salts for $3 so I simply filled baby food jars with the salts and pasted labels on them. Here is a free printable of the label if you would like to create something similar.

Picture 380It was a wonderful afternoon and truly a wonderful way to celebrate motherhood with some dear friends. Sp-aaaaah!

Picture 378


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