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Baby Proofing the Lego Corner

Baby Proof Lego Gate When our youngest began to crawl and was putting everything in his mouth, our oldest was deeply interested in building with Legos. My husband and I put our heads together to come up with a way to keep the Legos out of the playroom, but still allow our 6-year-old easy access to his favorite toys.

Our solution was to buy a long baby gate, zip-tie it to a Little Tykes castle slide (with the ladder removed), and cover the gate with soft fabric. The fabric keeps all the little pieces from going through the holes in the gate.

Baby Proof Lego Gate

Here are the materials I used for this project:

I sewed the 3 yards of fabric end to end and then added the trim to the top. Then my husband bolted one end of the gate to the wall and zip-tied the other end to the castle slide. I placed the fabric over the gate and used safety pins to secure it to the other side.

Baby Proof Lego Gate

Baby Proof Lego GateThe baby isn’t able to get over the slide yet. By the time he can, he will be old enough to know not to put little toys in his mouth. He is 18 months now and very rarely puts toys in his mouth, but every now and then I catch him. It is nice to know he is safe!

Baby Proof Lego GateBud loves playing in his “workshop” and I kinda like have all the pieces in one part of the room instead of all over the house!


Baby Proof Lego GateThe K-Nex have found their way into Bud’s “Workshop” too…

Baby Proof Lego GateWe have had this installed for over a year and it has done a great job in keeping the Legos sequestered to one side of the room. Big success!



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