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April 2015: Month-At-A-Glance

Picture 315

Springtime is an amazing time for weather in Colorado. We experienced warm, sunny days and then the next thing we know we have 30 inches of snow on the ground and it is winter again.

Picture 317

Picture 318Picture 319Meanwhile we had a great month of learning together. We had many outings outdoors when the weather was nice and Peanut became our official PBJ sandwich maker. I’ll take all the help I can get and she does a great job!

Picture 316 Homeschool: Reading and Writing

We are enjoying reading through William J. Bennett’s Book of Virtues. We are reading the section about Compassion this month. There have been some wonderful stories showing different aspects of showing compassion. I would highly recommend this book as a character resource.

Picture 175

Bud read each morning from the Pathway Readers and this month finished Busy Times. We enjoy this reader because it has some great character lessons tied in. This month we read a wonderful story about a girl named Nancy learning a lesson about honesty.

Picture 176Bud also continued his copywork each day. He is memorizing the Beatitudes from Matthew chapter 5 and as a part of this is writing each line as his copywork practice. He also had his sixth birthday this month so he wrote thank you notes to the family and friends who gave him a gift.

Picture 177Our hymn study was Trust and Obey this month. We sang through 4 stanzas and the chorus each morning. We also sang the chorus several times before bed each night.

Picture 178Homeschool: History

We continued through Beautiful Feet’s Early American Primary History books this month with Pilgrim Stories by Margaret Pumphrey. We have been really working on Bud’s narration skills and I am blown away with his improvement. About half the time I read him a couple of paragraphs and he narrates a very detailed account back to me. The other half of the time I read him about half a chapter and he summarizes and tells the main parts back to me. He is working especially hard to improve in that second area. What a wonderful skill to learn!

Picture 6Homeschool: Science / Nature Study

We did several wonderful nature studies this month. We went on a hike and saw some beautiful pasque flowers which mark the beginning of spring around here. We also observed a lunar eclipse earlier in the month when we were spending a weekend in Winter Park, Colorado. Watching the moon that morning was one moment with Bud I will always cherish.

Picture 191

Picture 201

Picture 164

Bud also kept a weather journal all month in which he recorded the date, temperature, and weather conditions. It was a great month to do this because our Colorado spring weather is always all over the place!Picture 172

Picture 7 For our natural history read aloud, we read The Tale of Cuffy Bear by Arthur Scott Bailey. I have read the children four of these books now and they never seem to tire of them. The chapters are just the right length for my kids’ attention spans at this age. They really relate to the characters and learn interesting characteristics about the animals in the stories. Picture 181What a gift to be at home with my children each day. I hope you had a wonderful April too and are enjoying the warmer days.

Picture 312

Picture 313

Picture 314


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