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Nature Study: Pasque Flower

Picture 199We observed the wonderful early signs of spring on our Nature Study hike this week. As we walked along a trail lined with dead and fallen grasses, bursting up was a small burst of purple. It was a pasque flower! I love these flowers because they bring with them the hope that the days are getting warmer, greener, and longer. They are the first wildflowers to appear in our area and are often called “wild crocus”.

Picture 189
Picture 190

Picture 191

Picture 192

Picture 193This one was pushing its way up from under the dead grasses. Such determination!

Picture 194

Picture 195

Picture 196We saw a bumblebee already starting his busy Spring gathering nectar on a dandelion.

Picture 197

Picture 198The following day, we drew the pasque flower in our nature notebook and read our wildflower guidebook to learn more. We found out some great facts about this flower and recorded them in our notebook. Bud and Peanut narrated as I wrote the words.

  • It is the state flower of South Dakota
  • There are 14 species in the Rocky Mountains
  • Lives at 4000-9000 feet elevation (we are around 7000 feet)
  • Blooms early March through June
  • Livestock may get sick or die if they eat too many of these flowers

Picture 200

Picture 201

Picture 202

Picture 203These flowers are truly special because they mark the end of the long, hard Rocky Mountain winter. We enjoyed finding them popping up all along the trail we were hiking. I hope you are enjoying the signs of spring as well!


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