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A Day in the Life of Our Homeschool

I’ve had several requests for a post showing what a typical day is like around here. As many of you homeschoolers know, no day is exactly like the day before, but there is a rhythm. Here is ours:

5:45am  The day started with a candle, a cup of coffee and the Bible. This is probably my favorite part of my day, and certainly the most important. I learned years ago that if I don’t get on my knees in the morning and humbly ask the Lord to take over, I will quickly lose steam and be unable to teach my children or love them the way I should. Devotion, Bible reading, and prayer (and some caffeine!). These things fill my tank for the day.

Picture 170

Picture 171

6:45-7:45  Everyone got dressed, did their chores and met downstairs for a bowl of hot oatmeal. Bud logged the weather in his Weather Journal. Sunny and 31 degrees.

Picture 1727:45-8:15  Playtime in the basement. Today the kids played with dolls as we listened to relaxing worship music on the radio. They pushed strollers around and pretended to feed and dress their little babies.

8:15-8:30  I put the baby down for his morning nap and then Peanut and I cooked breakfast. She made waffles and set the table and I made eggs and cut up fruit.

8:30-9:30 Breakfast and then Morning Basket time. This is when we do most of our sit down learning…

Picture 173

Our Morning Basket contains most of our daily subjects and we go through them each day in order. Each one only takes about 5-10 minutes.

First we read 5-10 verses from the Bible and the kids narrate back what they hear. Today we read from Genesis 6 when God instructs Noah to build a boat. We talked about how big the boat was and how this was bigger than our yard and taller than our 40 foot trees. The kids were both amazed.Picture 174

Next we did our scripture memory verses. We use the method laid out on Simply Charlotte Mason. Bud and Peanut each recited 4 verses from our box.Picture 175

Then we read from The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett. The chapters are divided by character trait so each day we read a poem, story, or prayer from that virtue. Right now we are learning about compassion so we read a wonderful story about a little girl who brings her grandmother sunshine.Picture 176Next Bud reads out loud one page from his Pathway Reader. Right now we are reading Busy Times. I coached him to read slowly and take breaths when he needs to.Picture 177Bud then stood up and read the Beatitudes from Matthew Chapter 5. He just finished memorizing Psalm 23 last week so we are starting a new memorization for him.Picture 178Then Bud sat back down and we sang the hymn “Trust and Obey” together. Peanut hummed the tune and joined in singing when we reached a part she knew.Picture 179Next we read from our Beautiful Feet American History book. Today we read from Pilgrim Stories by Margaret Pumphrey. I read about 3 pages and then Bud narrated the story back to me.Picture 180Next Bud worked on his copywork for the day. Right now we are writing out the verses from Psalm 23. Today he wrote “In the House of the Lord forever”.Picture 181While Bud worked on his handwriting, I read from our natural history book. Right now we are reading a chapter a day from The Tale of Cuffy Bear by Arthur Scott Bailey.Picture 182While we did History, copywork, and Natural History, Peanut practiced writing the letter “D” with her Do-A-Dot markers. We focus on one letter a week and she does a little practice each day. It is always optional for her, but she always chooses to participate.Picture 183Next, we worked through half of a lesson from Right Start Level B. Bud used abacus tiles to learn about 100s. We also did part/whole circle set problems on the small whiteboard.Picture 1849:30-9:45  The baby woke up from his nap, had his breakfast and the older two go to the potty and worked on putting on shoes and jacket to go outside. I’ve learned that the process of getting out the door takes at least 15 minutes, so I just embrace it and use the opportunity to feed the baby.

Picture 1869:45-10:45  Outside playtime. The kids played with bubbles they received for Easter and then dug around in the dirt. Peanut picked flowers and ran up and down the hill.Picture 18510:45-12:00  We got in the car and everyone enjoyed a snack. We drive to the library and went to a Baby Storytime session. Then we drove back home.

12:00-12:45  We made and ate lunch. Cleaned up dishes. Went potty and tidied up.

1:00-3:30  Quiet time. Young two took naps while Bud read quietly in his room. I read, checked email and worked out on the elliptical.

3:30-4:00  Snacktime and a walk. We always do the same walk down one of the few flat streets in our neighborhood. Today Peanut brought her bug net along and filled it with rocks and flowers (the bugs are still in hibernation around here).

4:00-5:30  Played outside in the backyard. The kids played on the playground, dug in the sand, and played T-ball. Bud earned some extra money bagging up pine needles that I raked last week.

Picture 187

5:30-6:00  I cooked dinner. The older two kids played with Silly Putty at the table. Squirt crawled around on the floor. This is usually a tough time of day for him. He was pretty fussy today.Picture 188

6:00-6:20  Dad got home. We ate dinner and cleaned up the dishes.

6:20-6:40  Dance party! We do this every evening to get the last of the wiggles out. Peanut showed us what she learned at her dance class.

6:40-7:00  The kids put on pjs, brushed teeth, and got ready for bed. We all snuggled into Peanut’s bed and read a few pages from Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We sang our hymn from earlier and read from our devotion book. Then we said prayers and the kids were off to sleep.

7:00-9:00  DH and I relaxed and talked. I worked on a t-shirt project for Bud’s birthday.

9:00  The day is over and it was off to sleep!



4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Our Homeschool

  1. We love the pathway readers! We haven’t come across the book of virtues yet. What age range to you think it would be useful for? I think I am going to look into getting it.

  2. The Book of Virtues is really great for any age. It has Aesop’s fables, fairy tales, poetry, prayers, and short stories. There is a lot to pick from! I don’t read every story or poem, just what seems appropriate in length and content for that day. My DD3 loves it! I was so excited because I found our copy for $1 at a thrift store! It’s been a gem! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your day! It looks like lots of learning from living books and real life! Do you ever find yourself worried about having your children outside during the day? I know I often get the question about how long it takes to complete school work, which is not long compared to public or private school at these young ages.

  4. Hi Kristina! I am always with my children when they are playing outside. We live amongst bears, bobcats, and mountain lions so I have to be out there to accompany them. A baby elk was taken down last fall close to where my children play each day and it was a gruesome scene! We love living in this wild, beautiful environment but I have come to respect the dangers as well. And yes, isn’t it amazing how much you can accomplish in a short time using short, focused lessons? Thank you for stopping by the blog and all the best to you as you teach your children! 🙂

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