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Nature Study: Lunar Eclipse


Picture 163We traveled to Winter Park, Colorado for a few days this past weekend and enjoyed watching the shortest lunar eclipse in 100 years. The full moon gave us a beautiful show as it set below the mountain peaks. We took these shots at about 6:15am MT.Picture 165

Picture 164Bud has been observing the moon for the past month in our homeschool, so this was the perfect conclusion to his studies. We have been learning about the phases of the moon and lunar eclipses so Bud was already aware of why the moon was so dark with the shadow of the earth.

We sat in silence from our living room and watched with wonder at this amazing celestial event.

Picture 166Bud logged his observations of the moon for 28 days in his Nature Study notebook. Here is the “Moon Journal” he used.

photo(31)After the moon set behind the mountain, the show wasn’t over! We watched the mountains turn shades of purple, pink, and gold as the sun slow came up over the Fraser Valley. By that point, Dad was awake and pointed out to the kids that this is called “alpenglow”. So beautiful!

Picture 167


3 thoughts on “Nature Study: Lunar Eclipse

  1. Its wonderful that you got to see the eclipse and even take pictures. I was hopeful, but we had rain! Seeing the full moon this morning while walking the dog was nice though.
    Love the moon journal!

    • I’m sorry you missed the eclipse. Hope you can catch the next one in September. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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