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Nature Study: Melting Snow

Picture 138

For this week’s nature study, we went to a park nearby and observed that there was a large field of snow melting and funneling into a stream. The stream flowed right under the path we were walking along so we decided to take a closer look.

Picture 38

Picture 40Luckily we had worn our rain gear so Peanut got to stomp in the puddles and try to step on the frozen edges of the stream.

Picture 41

Picture 135

Picture 136

Picture 137

Picture 139

As we finished up our observation, it began to drizzle so we noted the drops falling and the round ripples that made concentric circles in the cold puddles. It got very chilly at that point so we scurried back to the van and drove home.

Picture 141

Picture 140

Picture 36

When we got home we ate some lunch and talked about all we had seen. I love looking back through the photos with the kids because often we will find something we missed. In this photo, we zoomed in close and discovered some black eggs hidden under a pine needle. So neat to find treasures in God’s creation!

Picture 37

Later that day an elk herd passed through our yard and this handsome (and thin!) guy was outside our window. Peanut and I watched him as he munched on grass.

Picture 142


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