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Nature Study: Clouds

Picture 19Today’s Nature Study walk was at a big open space park where we could walk along and observe the sky. It was quite windy which was the perfect weather for observing clouds. As we began I asked the kids to tell me if any of the clouds in the sky reminded them of something.

Picture 1 Altostratus clouds – we thought they looked like fingers

Picture 2 Lenticular cloud

Picture 3Bud thought this one looked like a tornado

Picture 4We thought this one looked like a face profile with hair swept behind


Picture 29It was very windy (look at Peanut’s hair)!

Picture 20We thought this gray one was neat against the white ones

Picture 21Cirrocumulous clouds high above

Picture 27Cirrostratus clouds

Picture 28Lenticular cloud – Peanut thought it looked like a “spaceship”

When we got back home, we ate lunch and talked about the clouds we had seen. Bud grabbed our The Nature Company: Weather book and I read the four pages about clouds. We learned how they form and what the main types of clouds are. Bud drew four of the different cloud types he had seen and we labeled them.

Picture 34
Picture 35

Then we watched a couple videos about clouds:

It was fun learning about clouds this week and finding many of the different kinds waiting right in the sky above us.

“The LORD covers the sky with clouds…” Psalm 147:8


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