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Nature Study: Snow and Ice

Sunrise on snowThis week we looked at snow and ice for our Nature Study time. We have gotten a record-breaking amount of snow along the Front Range of Colorado this February. I love our relaxed days of learning at home because we don’t have anywhere to go. We can just enjoy the amazing handiwork of God in each tiny ice crystal.

Picture 104I went out as the sun was rising to look in the backyard and down the valley of the glorious winter scene.

Picture 107Each little tiny plant was covered with a tuft of snow that delicately picked up on the early morning rays.

Picture 106The ponderosas bore the weight of the heavy, thick spring snow. All throughout the next few days we watched the wind carry these puffs off into clouds of white snow spreading below the trees.

Picture 108Down the valley, gentle smoke rose from the chimney of a neighboring farm.

Picture 109The rising sun’s rays turned the trees’ white gown a golden color.

Picture 111Tiny ice crystals caught the early light and created a beautiful field of sparkles.

Picture 112The gutters were lined with long icicles dripping as the sun’s warmth touched them.

Picture 100

Picture 101The kids got bundled up in their snowsuits and helped me find beautiful sights in our yard.

Picture 113

Picture 114We found icicles around the entire perimeter of the house and talked about how they are formed from the melting snow dripping down.

It was a wonderful day of enjoying God’s amazing creation of snow and ice. We read Snowflake Bentley and Snowy Day later and talked about fun ways to enjoy the snow. We also got out our trusty tube and slid down the driveway at least 50 times! We love snow!


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