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Nature Study: Freshwater Algae

Picture 94

We had a great time today on the Bear Creek Trail observing the water during mud season. The melting snow and warm temperatures have left behind plenty of muddy trails and as we walked along (trying not to get our feet too wet and muddy) we discovered this wonderful pond that had been cut off from the main part of Bear Creek that was covered in bright green algae.

Picture 92We watched this chunk of slime slowly float down between the rocks. We made “gloop, gloop” sound effects as it found its way into a deeper section of the pond.

Picture 91Even the little air holes are interesting to look at up close.

Picture 90We looked at all the interesting plants and bugs that had found a home in this strange environment.

Picture 95The best part was scooping up the slime with sticks and making green flags with them. We got out our loupe and looked closely at the slime. It had a green, fibrous appearance when looked at up close.

Picture 96

Picture 93It was lots of fun playing in the slime. I love how kids can make any outing fun and adventurous. There is something about bright green slime that takes me back to my childhood. 🙂

After our hike we went to a local pizza shop and ordered a big pie. While we waited for it to come out from the oven, the kids drew in their nature notebooks. What a fun morning! Nature study truly is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling.



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