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November 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

We had a very cold and snowy November. The Denver area hit record lows, so we spent much of the month finding fun things to do indoors. We spent a fun long weekend in a rental condo in Breckenridge. We went sledding and the kids had a great ski lesson with Dad.

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Sequencing the story

We did several great Five-In-A-Row books this month. Play With Me was a very sweet book about a little girl trying to find playmates with the animals in the woods. We talked about emotions and drew some faces of what sad, happy, angry, etc. might look like. It was also a good introduction to our Natural History study of deer.

We rowed Goodnight Moon, which is always a favorite. I used to read this book to Bud every day before his nap, so he has it memorized. By the end of the week, Peanut could also recite the words. This is nice for her to be able to do as she starts to show more interest in learning to read. She likes to be able to “read” books to herself.

We also rowed Ask Mr. Bear which was a great story about a little boy seeking ideas from farm animals about what to buy his mother for her birthday. Peanut enjoyed preforming pretend animal games for us. Bud had fun sequencing the story.

We enjoyed our week on The Big Green Pocketbook too. Bud was able to guess that the same illustrator drew the pictures for the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series of books. Peanut had fun making her own pocketbook out of paper.


Natural History

Our natural history focus this month was deer and elk. It was very appropriate because these two animal populations get very active in our area during November. The bucks are in the peak of their rut and put on (almost) daily shows out our windows herding around the others in their harem and having mock battles.

Picture 17We thoroughly enjoyed reading The Tale of Nimble Deer by Arthur Scott Bailey. Bud begged me to keep reading each time the chapter came to an end. We spent some time narrating the story and examining some of the ways a deer defends and protects itself. In a wonderful moment of homeschool coalescence, we went for a walk right after discussing habits of deer and one passed right in front of us. We stopped and quietly watched it stare at us before it bounded away down a hillside.

Bible / Character Study

We continued our habit training and learning about kindness this month. We read about the friendship of David and Jonathan from 1 Sam. 20 and were all touched at the end when they said a tearful goodbye to one another. Bud had to leave some wonderful friends in Texas when we moved here so we recalled those emotions.

We also read through the story of the men who brought a crippled man through the roof to be healed by Jesus. It was wonderful discussing this story with my kids.

Picture 15

Making a gift for the postman

We had a fun “Acts of Kindness Week” at the end of the month. I let the kids choose from a jar full of ideas. Bud made a “Thank You” picture and left some snacks and goodies for the postman. He wrote a kind thank you letter back to him several days later. Peanut packed quarters and nice “Have a Nice Day” notes that we dropped off at our local coin operated laundry business. I let the kids browse the aisles of our local grocery store to buy a few bags of can goods for our local food bank. By the end of the week we were calling ourselves the “Kindness Crew” and really having fun thinking of ways we could put smiles on the faces of people in our community.

Nature Study

Along with our study of deer, we also did a fun nature study walk examining footprints in the snow. I did a separate blog post about this here.

We also went to our local nature center and took a class about Bison and Eagles. They had some wonderful specimens to observe and some fun games and crafts to accompany the lesson.

Picture 18

The older two venturing out into the snow

Picture 19

Poor squirt yearns to join them



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