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Nature Study: Footprints in the Snow

We got a few inches of snow overnight and our driveway was smoothed with a nice even layer just like a wedding cake. For our nature study this week, we ventured out to see what creatures had visited us. We were so excited to discover many animal neighbors’ footprints and were surprised at how many little feet had passed through our front yard in such a short time.

Picture 578Squirrel footprints

Picture 583Cottontail rabbit footprints

Picture 582Baby fawn or elk footprints

Picture 581

Picture 580Chipmunk footprints

Picture 579Neighbor’s dog footprints

Picture 577

Picture 584Footprints leading into a drainage hole. Many local critters use this as their winter home.

After we observed the prints and gathered clues we went inside to identify them and record them in our Nature Notebook.

Picture 586

Bud did a wonderful drawing from the Audubon Field Guild to North American Mammals of a common chipmunk print.

Picture 585We had a great time outside looking at footprints in the snow and using clues to figure out what kind of animal left them. We love nature study!


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