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October 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

We had another fun month of homeschool and family. We did two weeks of Five In Row studies and then had family in town for two weeks so we minimized our school activities. We did some fun autumn and Halloween crafts and activities.

Geography / Social Studies

We took a break for a few weeks from Five in a Row to learn about the country of Tanzania. We have been sponsoring a child named Musa from that country for about 3 years through Compassion International. We have collected numerous letters and photos of Musa that we read through. We located the country on our globe and Bud did some map work to identify notable geographic places in the country. We also made a “Masai hut” and looked at photos of the villagers in this cultural setting. We watched some wonderful safari videos and got to see some of the beautiful creatures that live in the Serengeti, not far from Musa’s hometown.

Picture 548

Picture 549

We dreamed about someday traveling to Africa to meet Musa and his family and see this amazing part of the world. Who knows maybe this dream will become a reality someday…

Five in a Row

Picture 556This month we rowed The Duchess Baked a Cake. The kids adored this funny, rhyming book. Bud loved learning about archery and catapults. We listened to Gregorian Chants while the kids did table work and they really enjoyed this type of music.

Picture 557We also rowed Jesse Bear What Will You Wear which is a classic rhyming book about a little bear getting dressed. The kids had fun playing a “Find the Bear” game outside and choosing clothes for Jesse to wear in their lapbook.

Bible / Character Study

We shifted our character and habit building focus in October to kindness. We read through the story of the Good Samaritan and learned about the three men Jesus describes that encountered the man beaten on the side of the road. This humbling story is a vivid reminder of who our neighbors are and the type of love and kindness God desires us to show to them.

Picture 559Parable of the Good Samaritan,  Jan Wynants, 1670

We also read through the story of Jesus and the Little Children. It was wonderful to read and talk about the love and kindness he showed to the mothers and their children. We talked about how this was especially significant in a time and culture when these two groups of people were often found pushed to the background of society.

Picture 560Suffer the Little Children Come Unto Me, Jacob Jordaens, 1615

Science / Nature Study

We did three days of nature study this month but spent lots of time enjoying the wonderful fall weather. We went to Kittredge Park and spent some time observing Upper Bear Creek that runs through it. We also did a hike at Matthew Winters Park and got out our notebooks at the top to draw the peaks in the distance. We talked about why the peaks appeared in different shades of blue and purple and how the wavelength of light effects the color we can see with our eyes.

Picture 542We enjoyed a fun nature study day where we each took a 3″ x 3″ specimen box and collected things that caught our eye. We then took them home, sketched what we saw inside the box and painted it with watercolors.

Picture 543

Picture 544

Picture 545

We enjoyed learning about bugs and spiders at the Lookout Mountain Nature Center‘s Preschool Nature Nuts program. The kids got to find and observe bugs in tiny plastic “bug boxes”. They had so much fun with this that they wanted to continue doing it when we returned home.

Artist / Hymn Study

Picture 558

We continued our picture study of Henri Matisse. We enjoyed looking at his “Self Portrait” and did some self portraits of our own. Bud and Peanut looked in mirrors and did a sketch of themselves. Bud is still developing in his drawing skills. He mostly loves to show his creativity through building with Legos.

Picture 541We learned the hymn To God Be the Glory this month. Bud really loved this one and began leading our singing time toward the end of the month. Sweet music to this momma’s ears.

Besides all the academics we just had a fun month enjoying autumn. The kids had a blast dressing up for Halloween and Squirt had his big first birthday! After his bumpy start in life, we are so thankful that he is healthy and strong a year later.

Picture 550Bud was a police officer named “Bill”.

Picture 551Peanut was a ballerina.

Picture 552Squirt was a turtle since he is crawling around everywhere.

Picture 553

Picture 554

Picture 555The kids had fun carving pumpkins at Aunt Ellen’s house.

Picture 546Squirt blowing out his birthday cake made by his grandma.

What were some highlights from your homeschool or family from the month of October?


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