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September 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

September was the beginning of our first 12 week term and we had so much fun learning together! As you can see from this long post (sorry!) our month was packed with good books, laughter, and time outside.

Literature / Reading

We are doing Five in a Row until next spring when Bud turns 6. I am alternating weeks between books from Before Five in a Row (for preschoolers) and Five and a Row Volume III. We made lapbooks to get both kids interested and allow them to work on age appropriate learning skills.

Picture 528

I have seen Bud take more care in his handwriting since he knows it will be put into a lapbook. I have also seen new interest sparked in Peanut in reading which I attribute to our FIAR studies. I frequently find her in a “fort” on the couch studying her current favorite book. That is new and very exciting to see!

This month we rowed The Salamander Room, Caps for Sale, The Bee Tree, and Corduroy.

Picture 526We had fun making a guessing game when we studied The Salamander Room. Bud had to come up with 5 clues and we called his grandmother to read the clues and have her guess what animal we were speaking of. She got it right!

Picture 456

Picture 457The kids made their own Play-doh pets. We gave them names and listed things they would need in their habitats.

Picture 525

Picture 461Peanut loved trying to balance a “cap” on her head when we studied Caps for Sale.

Picture 524

Picture 487

Picture 486We played a fun chase game outside during our week on The Bee Tree.

Picture 527

We made sock puppets of some of the Corduroy characters and watched a wonderful old retelling of the story on YouTube here.


Picture 536We read a wonderful book by Clyde Robert Bulla this month called Eagle Feather. It is a living book that gives a peek into the life of a Native American boy. I love Bulla’s books because the characters show courage and integrity through hardship. Both kids were on the edge of their seats with this book. We talked about the literary device of suspense and how it leaves you anxious to hear more.

Bible / Habit Training

Our first six weeks of this term, we are focusing on Obedience. I found a wonderful resource in the Kids of Integrity website. I used the Bible stories from the “Obedience” lesson and we were able to see some wonderful examples of obedience (and disobedience) in the Bible. We studied Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses and Aaron, and Abraham.

Picture 538The kids are learning so much about obedience. It will take a lifetime of practice for them (just as does for all of us), but they made some big strides this month in understanding the “whys” and “hows” of obedience.

For practice, we set out two jars and put buttons in the jar every time the kids obeyed immediately with a happy “Yes, Ma’am!” or “Yes Sir!” They loved hearing the clinking sound of the buttons hitting the jar and when all the buttons are in the jars they will get to enjoy a treat at the ice cream shop for their hard work.

Picture 529

Science / Nature Study

We are enjoying autumn and did some wonderful nature studies. I put some photos from two of them on the blog. We did one learning about Apple Trees and another abut Traveling Seeds. It has been so neat to see the kids enjoying their nature journaling time more and more.

Picture 463

Picture 511

We also took a field trip down to the Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Homeschool Day. The theme was Homesteading 100 Years Ago.

The kids got to see what it was like in the one-roomed school houses 100 years ago. They examined pond water under a microscope and planted wheat berries which quickly sprouted that week. They had fun giving the plants “haircuts”.

Picture 531

Picture 532

Picture 533

Picture 534

Picture 535

Picture 523Artist Study

We are doing a picture study of Henri Matisse for our first 6 weeks of this term. I let the kids look at one of the artist’s works for about a minute then we turn it over and list everything we can remember about the picture.

Picture 530

We plan to see some real life examples of his work next month at the Denver Art Museum. I’m excited about that!

Picture 537I love the World’s Greatest Artist Series by Mike Venezia. Bud pours over the books and usually emerges knowing more about the artist than I do!


If you are homeschooling, I hope your year is off to a great start too. What have been some of the highlights for you so far?


2 thoughts on “September 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

  1. I’m enjoying watching my son realize he can start reading some of his favorite stories! And I just found my Before Five In a Row book so I’m looking forward to start using it again (we just moved).

    • That is wonderful that he is starting his journey as a reader. It has been my joy as a mom to see those beginnings. Thanks for stopping by!

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