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August 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

As summer wrapped up in August, we continued enjoying the incredible weather Colorado provides with a fun trip to a dude ranch and some wonderful nature study days.

My husband and I met at a very special place called Deer Valley Ranch in Nathrop, Colorado. Going back as guests is always a wonderful walk down memory lane and tons of fun for the kids. This guest ranch is nestled between two massive 14,000 foot peaks and sits on a bed of hot springs which feeds the swimming pool with warm, fresh water. Plenty of fun activities kept us busy all weekend: swimming, crafts, talking to old friends, and hiking through the majestic valley. The food (as always) was amazing and we enjoyed eating a Wrangler’s Breakfast outside on our last morning there. Here are some photos from that fun weekend.

Picture 445

Picture 439

Picture 442

Picture 441

Picture 440  Picture 438

Picture 444

Nature Study & Science

We have been doing weekly Nature Studies and the kids love them! We did a wonderful study of aspen trees, a lakeside study, and a study at Red Rocks Ampitheater this month.

Picture 434

Picture 447

Picture 450

There is a great preschool program at our local nature center and this month they had a class about snakes. I have always been a bit afraid of snakes, but learning more about them has calmed some of my fears. The naturalists at this program are wonderful with kids and really have creative ideas about how to engage and teach them about nature.

Picture 446

Bible & Hymn Study

We continued reading and narrating through the book of Mark this month. We had some great discussions about the life of Jesus. We also continued practicing “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” and I was happy to hear Peanut singing it to herself one day as she was walking through the house. So cute!


Picture 453We finished our read aloud Clyde Robert Bulla’s A Lion to Guard Us this month. What a wonderful book! Bud was very interested in Jamestown and the Colonial period while reading this book. It really gave the children a deep picture into what it must have felt like to be one of the early American settlers and come across the Atlantic on a ship. The main character also showed huge courage as she led her brother and sister to the New World.

Family Fun

Besides all that, there was lots of just fun regular life at our house. A tub of sudsy water got smeared all over the back door, Peanut helped me weekly fold the laundry, and our sweet little Squirt started sitting up and crawling. He’s growing so fast! Peanut started dance lessons this month – so cute!

Picture 449

Picture 451

Picture 452

Picture 448

I am excited to start a new 8 week series of Five and a Row with the kids in September and have lots more fun adventures in our little homeschool! How are you having fun with your littles as you wrap up the summer?


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