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Nature Study: Aspen Trees

Picture 431

We took a trip up a thousand feet into the mountains for this nature study of aspen trees. There is a wonderful trail near us that leads to a magical section of an aspen forest. There is a fort made of fallen trees that makes you feel a bit like a nymph settling into your cozy home when you sit down inside. I used to build tree forts when I was a kid, but nothing quite this magical.

Picture 429

As we looked around we noticed that many of the aspens had black scars around 6 feet off the ground. When determined that this must be from the elk rubbing their antlers during the fall rut.

Picture 433

We also observed the trees at various stages of life. Some were young, some were strong and grown, and some were ending their life and their bark was slowly falling off and decaying.

Picture 430

The kids had fun making aspen leaf rubbings in their nature notebooks inside the tree fort.

Picture 434

As we hiked back to the car, we saw some beautiful sunflowers, a ladybug, some blue harebelles, and a poor sparrow on the ground who must have been injured.

Picture 426

Picture 420

Picture 423

Picture 432

It was a wonderful morning of enjoying our beautiful world. It started to pour down rain as we were eating our picnic lunch, but (as many Colorado showers do) it passed over quickly. I love spending time outside with my dear ones!


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