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July 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

Summer is in full swing and we enjoyed our 2nd annual trip to Crested Butte, Colorado during the week of the 4th of July. We got to breathe a week full of lovely, fresh mountain air and plenty of time outside. We did several outstanding hikes with the kids and observed amazing color and life all around.



Picture 399

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Picture 392

Nature Study

We began journaling our Nature Studies this month which is a fun way to enhance our learning outside. I tell the kids to find something neat to observe. Then we all look closely at it, identify it with our field guide books, and draw and write a journal page. The kids love it! I do too because it gives me a chance to sketch, which I used to do much more often. Eventually, the kids will create their own journals, but for now I find it works better for us if the kids explore and dictate to me what they find.

Picture 386We went to a local park and found the neatest ponderosas growing right out of a huge rock. We observed the root systems and other distinguishing features of these ambitious trees.

Picture 385

Earlier this month, we did a sensory exercise with strawberries. I got a huge flat of beautiful strawberries at the local farmers’ market, then we came home and used each sense to fully experience the strawberry. It was neat and fun to take the time to let all five senses savor such a delicious fruit. Psalm 34:8 Taste and see [and smell, touch, and hear] that the Lord is good!

Picture 391

Picture 390

Math / Handwriting

Our summer has been very scaled back as far as sit-down-at-the-table academics go, but we still try to do a little something each day to keep up the habit. We have been doing puzzles, tangrams, and math games. We try to have our lessons out on the deck as much as possible to soak up the wonderful weather.
Picture 389  Picture 387

Bible / Hymn Study

This month, we have been going through the book of Mark when Jesus started his ministry. The kids are still enjoying narrating very short passages for me. I love this time and we have been having some wonderful discussions that stem out from their words. We have been practicing and learning Great Is Thy Faithfulness this month also. As you can see from the title of the blog, this is my favorite hymn. It was sung at our wedding ceremony.


We have been reading through Charlotte’s Web a couple pages at a time for a few months now and finished it up this month. What a wonderful book! We are also reading Clyde Robert Bulla’s A Lion to Guard Us. Bud loves this book so far and it is a wonderful peek into the colonial period.

Hope you are having a great summer too! It passes so fast, I am trying to savor every warm, sunny day. What has been your best memory made this summer?


2 thoughts on “July 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

  1. What a beautiful nature walk! My children are a few years older, but we have been enjoying Ivan books by Myrna Grant this summer. And my son is reading Life of Fred. We have used tangrams and pattern blocks in the past. They are a fun way to do math without realizing it. The summer is going by too fast. Thank you for sharing.

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