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DIY: Egg Carton Seed Starter

Picture 188

This month we are learning about growing seeds in our homeschool so naturally we decided to try our hand at planting from seed. I have been saving cardboard egg cartons since the beginning of the year. I wanted to use the whole height of the carton to allow the young seedlings to grow their roots.

We started by poking 5 holes in the bottom of each egg carton section with a nail. Peanut was my helper for this project.

Picture 181

Picture 182

Then I cut around the top of the carton on 3 sides to create a flap. I taped the container shut all around the regular carton opening.

Picture 184

Peanut helped me fill each carton with organic potting soil.

Picture 183

Picture 185

I placed all 7 cartons into a plastic under-the-bed bin I had in the basement. This will allow me to move the little seedlings outside when we have a warm, sunny day.

Picture 186

After the seed leaves began emerging from the potting soil, I cut back the top lids of the cartons to give the plants more oxygen and sunlight. I found a sunny window in our laundry room to store the plants in and I would take them out on the deck for 4-6 hours a day to receive extra sunshine. The kids loved running in and peeking on top of the washing machine each morning to see how each plant had grown.

Wonderful Results

It is the fifth week in May and we are ready to transplant our seedlings from the egg carton seed starter. They have done really well and hopefully, by using the entire height of the carton, the roots have been given a little more room to grow and strengthen before we set them loose in the larger self-watering planter we created.

Picture 240

Picture 241


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