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April 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

Picture 201 April was a fun month for our family. We spent four days in a cabin outside Breckenridge, Colorado and enjoyed sledding and snowshoeing. It snowed hard while we were up there but we enjoyed being snug and warm in our cabin.

Picture 203Picture 202  Picture 204

Easter had many highlights. We had an Egg Hunt at our neighbor’s house.

Picture 214

Picture 215

Aunt Ellen did a Resurrection Egg activity with the kids to teach them about the empty tomb and Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.Picture 212We dyed eggs together and learned how to mix colors.Picture 206
Picture 207Picture 208Bud also turned 5 and we went to the Denver Zoo to celebrate.Picture 211Picture 210

The days are getting warm and longer so we are also spending more and more time outside enjoying nature. Hooray for Spring!


Picture 216Bud finished the “My First School Book” in Handwriting Without Tears. He enjoyed it so much he wanted me to go ahead and order the next book “Letters and Numbers for Me”.

Picture 217He loves forming the letters with the wooden pieces. We keep it very short and practice for about 10 minutes 3 times a week.


Bud learned about 100s this month during our math lessons. I am happy with his progress on grasping amounts with 3 digits. We use place value cards and 3D hundred pieces to demonstrate counting by hundreds. I am still very pleased with RightStart Math.

Family Studies


We focused on the Psalms this month and the Easter story. It was wonderful reading the passages about Easter week aloud to the kids and discussing what the cross means for our freedom from sin.

On Thursday of Holy Week, we acted out the passage in John when Jesus washed his disciples feet. I put more about this in a separate post.

Picture 209

Science and Nature Study

Our science focus this month was on seedlings and watching plants grow. We found some great books to read about the topic and, of course, planted our own seeds. They are really starting to come up now and I hope we will have a harvest of cucumbers this summer to enjoy. I plan to put a full post about our egg carton seed starter and self-watering container later this month.

Picture 183

Picture 205
Here is cutie #3 playing with his toys. He is getting so big!


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