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March 2014: Month-At-A-Glance

       Picture 23


We finished learning all of the uppercase letters this month. It has been amazing to see Bud’s handwriting progress in just 3 months. We still do a bit of copywriting on the white board each day, usually using portions of the scripture we are memorizing.

Picture 31

Peanut has also continued to enjoy coloring on the big white board. She likes to trace stencils that I tape to the board.

Picture 22


This month we learned to “split tens” and practiced writing numbers. Bud also learned to play “Go to the Dump” which is a great RightStart game to practice adding.

Picture 32

Family Studies


We read about Isaac and Job this month and continued our practice of Philippians chapter 4. We added a Bible storybook to Bud’s pre-bedtime reading routine and he is really enjoying those stories.

Science and Nature Study

Picture 24This month, we learned all about Backyard Birds. We went on many “Bird Walks” to try to find and identify birds in our area. I made a bulletin board showing common Rocky Mountain birds and we kept a tally sheet as we counted the birds we saw on walks and out the window. We loved watching the Eagle Cam on the Berry College website. How neat to observe a momma bald eagle caring for her eaglet.

Picture 25

Picture 26

We read some wonderful books this month about birds. Jim Arnosky is a wonderful children’s writer and he has many titles specifically about birds.

Picture 29

We also read Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat as the read aloud part of our Morning Basket. The kids love this funny book about a young boy who keeps several owls as pets.

Picture 30


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