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Tutorial: Crib Quilt and Bumper from a Layer Cake


I recently gave birth to my third baby and was inspired to create a custom bumper/quilt set for him. This was a quick and easy project and would be a great gift for a friend or family member expecting a baby.

This project was extra special to me because the crib quilt was used as a cover on my son’s isolette during his time in the NICU. I had gotten everything done except the binding (which I always stitch by hand) when he came 8 weeks early. I hurried to finish to be able to use it in his NICU room. This quilt will always bring back bittersweet memories of his time in the hospital as a premie.

Hope you enjoy!

Project Materials

  • Layer Cake with 40 10″ x 10″ squares (I used Moda’s S’more Love)
  • 1 Set of Crib bumper batting (I recycled the batting from Bud’s bumper)
  • 1 crib quilt batting (45″ x 60″)
  • 1 yard of backing fabric for the bumper
  • 2 yards of backing fabric for the crib quilt
  • 2 yards to make bias tape and bumper ties


Cut each layer cake square in half. Then cut one of the halves in half. Cut 1/2″ off all the rectangle pieces to adjust for the seam allowance you will use when you sew the square pieces together.

Create the quilt squares. Mix and match your rectangles with 2 squares to create one quilt square. Get creative and have fun with this! I laid all of mine out on the carpet until I found a design I liked.

Use 18 squares in a row for your bumper. The crib quilt will have 4 squares across and 6 squares down for a total of 24 squares.

Picture 93

Picture 95  Picture 94

Assemble the Crib Bumper

Sew the quilt squares together using a 1/2″ seam allowance. I stitched all my squares together first, pressed and then stitched these sides to the rectangle pieces.

Once you have stitched and pressed all your squares, arrange them so you have 18 in a long row and stack them to get them ready to stitch together. Work your way down the line stitching each one to the next. Press seams.

Make your backing fabric. You will need 4 strips of 9” wide, 45” long fabric, joined and pressed.

Create your quilt sandwich and close it up with bias tape.

Picture 96

Picture 97

Picture 98

Assemble the Crib Quilt

Sew your 24 quilt squares as you did for the bumper and press.

Arrange them on the floor, then stack them by rows to get ready to stitch together.

Sew each column together square by square, press, and sew the rows together.

Create your quilt sandwich and stitch it up with bias tape.

Pat yourself on the back… you’re done! If you used this tutorial, I’d LOVE to see photos of your project! Happy quilting! 🙂

Picture 101

Picture 99


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