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July 2013: Month-At-A-Glance

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Summer is in full swing and we enjoyed a week-long vacation in the beginning of the month to Crested Butte, Colorado. We took many wildflower photos and went on some wonderful hikes. Our homeschool time has gotten very simple and nice. I usually just read a good living book to Bud and then we work on our All About Reading or play a game. I will probably keep this format going until the end of August and then get going on some new, fresh lessons with him.

Continued Reading Progress

Bud is about halfway through the All About Reading Level 1 Curriculum and he continues to forge ahead with enthusiasm and amazing results. My sister (who teaches kindergarten) was reading to him and he corrected her on one of the words she missed. She was surprised that he was reading along with her and I told her to ask him to read her a whole page. He jumped right on it and read almost the whole rest of the book to her. It was so exciting and we all cheered and clapped for him. You could see a look of accomplishment in his eyes. I’m so happy he feels this pride and wants to experience the joy of reading.

Habit Training: Picking Out Clothes, Getting Dressed, PJs in the Laundry Basket

These were the three tasks Bud had to achieve to receive a sticker on his chart this month. The motivation for the end was a morning fishing with Dad. This was a wonderful treat for Bud to look forward to because Dad has been very busy with work lately. He did a great job picking out his clothes and I had to bite my tongue when some of his fashion choices were “interesting”. I see now why there are four and five-year-old’s wearing mismatched clothes, bathing suits, capes, and tutus at the grocery store. This sticker chart was quickly filled and Bud enjoyed learning how to fish this past Sunday with his Dad.


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