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Nature Study: Colorado Wildflowers (Part II)

We had so much fun photographing and identifying flowers in Crested Butte a few weeks ago, I decided to do another related post featuring the beauty in my own backyard. We’ve lived in this area for about a year now and I don’t think I remember the amazing wildflowers in the yard last year. Probably because we were too busy unpacking!

I have had much more time to stroll around the land surrounding our house and can’t help but be in awe of the beauty that comes out of the earth with no cultivation or attention from us. I am glad to pay it the tribute it deserves.

Little Penstemon

Little Penstemon, Penstemon procerus


Cinquefoil, Potentilla gracilis

Bristle Thistle

Bristle Thistle, Carduus nutans

Bristle Thistle

Bumble bee visiting a bristle thistle

Wolly Yellowdaisy

Wolly Yellowdaisy, Eriophyllum lanatum

Member of the parsley family?

Pink Penstemon

Pink Penstemon, Penstemon

Most of these plant identifications are from my Rocky Mountain Wildflowers book, but I am by no means a botany expert. If you find mistakes in my captions, please comment! I’d love to know the correct names for these beautiful flowers.

If you would like to see more Colorado beauty, head over to Part I of this post.


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