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June 2013: Month-At-A-Glance


Amazing Progress

Teaching Bud to read has been a very special experience for both of us. I have been completely blown away by his progress and enthusiasm to learn. He is reading better literally every day and it is so neat to see. We have done about 16 lessons in All About Reading and he still excitedly puts stickers on the progress chart every time we finish a lesson. He is still loving the Bob Books as they have become a special part of our nightly routine. He finished up Set 4 and they are starting to get harder! The books are longer and contain more complex words. I am thankful that our library carries these books so we can continue progressing through them as he continues enjoying them. I have sensed only joy when it comes to reading, but sometimes Luke just wants me to read to him. I know that even though he is reading many, many words now, it still takes a good deal of effort for him. He still loves nothing better than Mom or Dad reading a really good story with really nice pictures.

Letter of the Week

This month we continued our Letter of the Week series with C, D, E, and F. I have kept this very simple and mainly just use it to pick books at the library. I try to find books that have the Letter of the Week in the title (“Feet” for F, etc.). We made collages from magazines of things that start with the letter. We sang songs starting with the letter. Just simple concepts to enforce the letters he is already very familiar with.


Habit Training: Getting Dressed

This month we decided to motivate Bud to start getting himself dressed in the morning. Since summertime clothing is much simpler and easier to put on I thought it would be a perfect time to make this step. He is also exclusively wearing underpants now (except during occasional stomach irritation days) so it is easy for him. We did a sticker chart as a motivation and it has worked beautifully. As a reward, his Dad is taking him tent camping in Crested Butte. This will be his first time sleeping outside and I’m really excited for this special time he gets to spend with his Dad. I still help him get his pajamas on. We are taking this in small steps to prevent any unnecessary pressures and power struggles. Next month I think we will add dressing in pajamas and picking out clothes to the sticker chart requirements. I am super pleased with this month’s habit. Success!


A Baby for Christmas

That’s right! We are having baby number 3, due December 22. We are so excited to be having another! I wrapped up my 1st trimester this month and boy, was it rough this time around. This pregnancy has been much like my pregnancy with Peanut so maybe we’re having another girl. Who knows? We’ll find out at the end of July so stay tuned! We are jumping up and down with joy!



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