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May 2013: Month-At-A-Glance

Picture 11

Our First Month with All About Reading

After Bud asking many times to be taught to read and successfully finishing several sets of Bob books, we began the All About Reading curriculum this month. We did two lessons per week which seemed like a nice pace. I must say, it is a little dry because you mainly review letters on flashcards and spell words with magnets. I was expecting a little more “fun” with this curriculum, but it’s just straight-forward phonics practice. I keep the lessons 10 minutes or less and if he seems bored at all we immediately stop and I pull out a game or something else.

I am pleased to see his progress though. He has mastered most CVC and common sight words and is now reading words like “running” and “bunny”. It is amazing to see how quickly he learns. He likes putting the stars on the Progress Chart as we finish lessons.

I think we will continue with AAR, moving slowly at a pace that suits him. I’m sure having a strong foundation in phonics will help him. The practice is really nice and the progress is very exciting.

Picture 10

Letter of the Week

Throughout the year, we’ve done a “letter train” where I have Bud connect the dots (or “stations”) of each letter in the alphabet to start to learn how to write the letters. We moved slowly through the ABC’s doing a couple of letters a week. When we finished, Bud really wanted to keep going with it so I told him we could start a “Letter of the Week” book. It helps give me something to base our read-alouds on now that we aren’t doing Five in a Row books anymore. I’ve been using letteroftheweek.com as a guide and finding some great books based around each letter. We did “A” and “B” this month. We read books about alligators and apples during our “A” week and books about bears, boots, and butterflies during our “B” week. We’ve been doing some simple artwork themed around the letters so when we are finished, I’ll be able to bind it into a “Letter of the Week” book.

Habit Training: Dishes in the Sink

I have been training Bud to put his dishes in the sink after he eats since he was about two, but lately it seems that he is so eager to jump down and start playing that he forgets this essential and helpful step to mealtime. It was time to revisit this old habit.

In the beginning of the month, I created another sticker chart and hoped that would be enough of a motivator. Unfortunately, dishes were still left on the table 9 meals out of 10. So I had to resort to constant reminders (i.e. nagging) which I don’t really like doing. It was necessary for a week or two though and by the end of the month, I’ve definitely seen improvement. There are still dishes left about 50% of the time, but we’re getting there. Maybe this will be a six-week training session.

Hooray for Summer!

Spring lasted for about a week here in the mountains and now it is summer. We’ve been spending more and more time outside which has been great. The air is so clean and fresh and the sunshine bright. Feels good. Our routine has loosened, many of our regularly scheduled weekly activities have wrapped up, and I have been super tired lately (more on that next month…) so we are moving to a more lazy, relaxed pace for the summer. Love these warmer long days!


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