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The Morning Basket

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I first read about doing a Morning Basket on the Wildflowers and Marbles blog and thought it would be a wonderful addition to our morning routine. We were already doing Bible memorization so we just added that into our basket. I think my very young kids (4 and 2) appreciate knowing a definite beginning, middle and end to things so the basket simply helps us stay organized. We do three things in our morning basket (we’ll probably add a few more as they get older):

1. Daily Scripture

Appropriately heard as we eat our daily bread, the scripture is a wonderful part of our morning. I’ve been loosely following the church calendar with our readings this year. We read through Matthew during January-March learning about the life of Jesus ending up at the death and resurrection at Easter time. Now we are going through the book of Acts and learning about the ministry of the Apostles. We read from the Children’s Living Bible. I find the translation to be in kid-friendly language but not dumbed down.

I laminate our scripture readings and keep them in the basket for easy reference. Here is a PDF link to our April and May reading of Acts in case you are interested.

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2. Scripture Memory Verses

We use the Simply Charlotte Mason method for memorizing scripture. It has been super effective even for my 4 year old. Hubby and I pick about one verse a week to teach to the kids daily. As it is memorized and new verses come in, it moves back behind even/odd day tabs, then once a week tabs, then once a month. I give Bud a sticker on the back of the card when he memorizes a verse. I love hearing him say the Words of God.

Picture 19

3. Fun, Silly Book

We finish with a couple pages from a light, silly book. Right now we are reading Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower by Peggy Parish. Peanut doesn’t understand most of the story but she giggles each time I turn the page just because Bud always laughs. It’s really cute.

Picture 21

We love the Morning Basket. It’s a simple, fun way to make sure that the Bible is a part of each day. As the kid’s grow, I know I will continue to enjoy seeing their smiles and reading God’s Word with them. I love starting these traditions while they are still so young.


14 thoughts on “The Morning Basket

  1. The basket is a great idea! We also like to do our Bible reading/memorization and hymn singing first thing and everyday I’m going to the bookshelf for the hymnal, my bedroom for the Bible and the school desk for our memory work. Will definitely be on the lookout for a cute basket to keep it all together in.

    • Thanks, godmadeknown! We found ours at our local thrift store for $1, I think. I love having that stuff in one handy spot.

  2. Love this and especially love the scripture memory cards. So much fun that way. My daughter loves to memorize so she will love it too. She just memorized a whole children’s book on the the life of Jesus, 25 pages of 4 to 8 lines of writing. She amazes me! LOL I am excited to see how much scripture she will memorize with this method… and how much I will 🙂 Thanks!

  3. So true that little kids appreciate knowing what will happen each day. They love routine, don’t they? This encourages me to have a simple routine like this to go through with my three-year-old before starting school with the “big kids.” Thanks!

    • Mine sure love routine. I have 2 that are complete opposites yet they both love to know what to expect each day. Thanks!

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  8. It is not just for littles! My dd16 and my ds12 like routine also. We have our Morning Time routine too before they separate to do their individual lessons.

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