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Shopping for Groceries

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Okay, I’m a little weird. I love grocery shopping. I did a semester in Europe in college and one of my favorite things to do was go to the grocery store and look at the products and packaging and see how they were different from the United States.

We really have our weekly grocery shopping down to a science at our house. I go on Sunday afternoons while the kids are napping and my husband stays home. He greets me in the driveway as I pull up and puts the bags of groceries away while I relax and have a snack (I know I am blessed to have that help!).

I plan our meals Saturday or Sunday and list everything that needs to be bought in 4 categories on the page: Produce, Grocery, Meat/Seafood, and Dairy/Frozen. This follows the layout of the store so I only have to look at a certain part of the list when I am in that section of the store. I am pretty strict with myself about sticking to my list. I buy a lot of things in bulk and we spend most of our food budget on produce so I don’t really pay attention to the store sales. I find that those enticing yellow sale tags just encourage me to buy more than I need and overfill our pantry.

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I keep a bunch of recipes on my Pinterest page and also have tons of back issues of Everyday Food. I write the dinners at the top of my shopping list, tear that portion of the page off when I get home, and post on my bulletin board so I can remember what to cook. I don’t plan for specific days, I just have 5 or 6 dinners ready to make depending on my mood, the weather, or produce needing to be used.

Here is a free printable of the template I use for this system. This is certainly not the only way to grocery shop, but through these years I found it to be the easiest and most efficient for our family.

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