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March 2013: Month At-A-Glance


March Five in a Row Books

I planned our Five in a Row books around family visits. My in-laws came into town and it presented a great opportunity to allow them to teach and read to Bud. We left for a week on a trip to Hawaii. My mother-in-law did an amazing job keeping the kids’ routines consistent and teaching them wonderful new things. She was a math teacher for many years so it was fun having a professional educator around to teach Bud in new ways and to let me bounce ideas around for our future homeschooling goals. I am so thankful to have such amazing in-laws. Here are the books we read this month:

  • The Glorious Flight, by Alice Provensen and Martin Provensen
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter
  • When I Was Young in the Mountains, by Cynthia Rylant
  • Three Names, by Patricia MacLachlan

Lesson Highlights

  • My father-in-law is a pilot so we enjoyed reading The Glorious Flight with him. We did a field trip to the mall to use the Aviation Xtreme flight simulator. Bud got to sit in the driver’s seat like Louis Bleriot and fly across the English Channel.
  • Grandma was in charge the week of The Tale of Peter Rabbit because we were occupied on a beach in Hawaii. 🙂 One of the fun highlights was making bunny-shaped sandwiches and drinking camomile tea.
  • During the week of When I Was Young in the Mountains we talked about shadows and how the illustrator used them to enhance the pictures in the book. We traced the shadows of different objects and then colored them in.
  • We learned about vanishing points while reading Three Names and drew a picture of the prairie showing the sky, horizon and a road with a vanishing point. We had some great Laura Ingles Wilder read alongs this week too.

History in the Tub

This month we also started a new part of our routine called “History in the Tub”. It’s really just a read-aloud while the kids are taking a bath. It can be hard to get two kids under 5 to sit still for a book, but they love listening to stories while they busily scrub and splash.

This month we read Clara Barton and the American Red Cross (part of the Heroes of America series) by Eve Marko and Pablo Markos. The kids really enjoyed this book and eagerly requested it every day. We all learned about this amazing lady and the period just after the Civil War. Her amazing spirit of giving was very Christ-like and it was wonderful presenting a real life example of some of the Bible’s teachings.

Habit Training: Sharing

It was back to basics this month with Bud. Time to revisit the habit of sharing. It has been neat to see how Bud & Peanut’s relationship has evolved over the last two years. She has really taught him so much about sharing and relating. From the moment she was born, Bud was no longer the center of the universe and everything had to be shared from PB & J sandwiches to building blocks to mommy’s time.

I noticed a habit of bossiness and bullying starting to creep in so I knew it was important to nip this in the bud (no pun intended!). I think what really helped was being under the authority of Grandma while we were away. She has such a calm way about her and I am not exactly sure how she did it, but when we returned I noticed the kids were really getting along great with each other. They were respecting each others’ things and not provoking each other. I wish I knew what her secret was, but something tells me it was just her amazing example as a woman of God. I think this habit really starts with the grown-up in charge and what kind of example they are setting. It is convicting to me that, two weeks after Grandma’s exit, I see some of those same frustrating ways coming back.

I think this time it is me that needs to change. I need to continue to work on showing love and respect to the people in my home and be extra giving of my love. I was sitting in church this morning feeling a little guilty for some of my shortcomings as a mom. Appropriately, it was Easter Sunday and I was reminded that we serve a Savior who wipes away guilt and shame. It is the season of spring, the season of renewal, and I know if I ask Him to Jesus will continue to change and mold me into the mother my kids need me to be. Praise God for that realization and that I don’t have to rely on my own strength!


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