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Preschool Creation Lessons


Last September, I began homeschooling my son (age 3). I decided to start with creation and begin where it all began. I read scripture, we sang songs, we went through go along books, and did a short activity that centered around each of the seven days of creation. The lessons must have sunk in because even now, 6 months later, he talks about God creating things and sings the songs we learned. The go along books were particularly helpful because they were bright, full of pictures and images that he could relate to even at such a young age.

Here are the links to all seven of the lessons we did:

  1. Day 1: The Heavens and the Earth
  2. Day 2: Separating the Sky
  3. Day 3: Land, Sea, Plants
  4. Day 4: Sun, Moon, Stars
  5. Day 5: Birds and Sea Creatures
  6. Day 6: Animals and People
  7. Day 7: Rest

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein


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