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Creating An Indoor Fort

Our New Indoor Fort

Design Phase

We were picking up a few things at Home Depot when we walked by their fabulous clearance and miscut wood rack. Each piece of lumber is only 51 cents. Lightbulbs immediately starting illuminating in my head when I saw a full sheet of 4 x 8 MDF cut in half. We quickly added it to our cart knowing something awesome could be created from it. I spent the next several days (and nights) pouring over ideas and brainstorming. I finally had it: we would build a fort! I only wanted to spend $20-30 on this project so utilizing every inch of that MDF was necessary.

After sketching, erasing, measuring and sketching some more, here is the design I came up with.

Picture 37

The bottom portion would contain our little pretend kitchen stove and all of the play food and cooking items. Peanut could come serve her guests through the window on the side of the fort. The top half would extend all the way to the ceiling and would be the perfect place for Bud to read, play with his LeapPad, and build with his legos. My hope was that the horizontal slatted siding would give him a sense of coziness but bring in light and not make him feel too closed off from the other people in the room.

I’m happy to post the printables of the Front Elevation PDF and Side Elevation PDF.

Building Phase

My husband and I worked together to plan the design details and then he took over and fabricated the fort. He is a wonderful planner and never cuts before measuring twice. I am always blown away with his craftmanship. My only regret is not getting more photos of him working. This is our friend Chad rocking the router.


The whole project took about a week. The kids were crawling and climbing around as the fort was being constructed. Bud could hardly wait to climb up to his new perch.

The Finished Fort







I hung IKEA BEKVAM spice racks as bookshelves. They are only $3.99 and are perfect for holding 3-4 picture books.


Our total cost for this project ended up being about $40. We had to buy studs, screws, 2 x 2’s, and stain. We plan on painting the entire basement the blue color so we already had that. We found some extra carpet in our storage room to use as flooring and used lighting we already had. The bookshelves were IKEA BEKVAM spice racks.

I am so happy with the results of this project. The kids are constantly in and out of it and Bud loves climbing the steps. It makes me extra happy to be able to use materials that would have otherwise been thrown away. It feels good to dust off that old industrial design degree from time to time. War Eagle!


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